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  Requested Document Processing Fee
(effective May 6, 2023)
Processing Time
(in banking days)
Statement of Account to Fully Pay
Computation of the amount needed to be paid to settle loan in full
P 300 1 - 2 days
Certificate of Full Payment
Certification that loan has already been fully paid and closed
P 300 1 - 2 days
Certificate of Balance
Certification of loan details, including due date, loan term and collateral description
P 300 1 - 2 days
History of Payment
Statement indicating all previous loan payments and application to principal
P 300 1 - 2 days
Amortization Schedule
Statement indicating future amortizations due and application to interest and principal
P 300 1 - 2 days
OR / CR Certification
Certification of original Official Receipt and Certificate of Registration in the Bank's custody (auto loans only)
P 300 2 - 3 days
Certified True Copy of TCT/CCT
Certified true copy of the original title in the Bank's custody (housing loans only)
P 300 2 - 3 days
Certified True Copy of Loan Documents
Certified true copy of any loan-related documents including mortgage loan agreement, etc.
P 300 2 - 3 days
Certificate of Interest Paid
Certification indicating interest paid and outstanding principal balance for a specific period, used for BIR reporting purposes.

Please specify required period

P 300 2 - 3 days
History of Application of Payments
Details statement indicating all previous payments and application to interest, principal and other fees
P 300 4 - 5 days